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What is a Shouse?

A Shouse is a building that contains both residential and workshop areas, all under one roof. You might hear them referred to as a barndominium, shed home, barn house, pole barn house, Morton building, or metal building homes. If you're tired of not having enough room for your 4-wheeler, side-by-side, classic car, or bike but don't have the budget for a whole separate garage, a Shouse might be just what you're looking for.

The Best of Both Worlds

Gone are the days when you have to choose between a nice home and a nice shed or out-building. We pride ourselves on helping families realize their dreams of having both, while staying within real-world budgets. Choose one of our pre-made floor plans, or bring us your ideas and let us create something totally new. The possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Shouse right for me?

Whether you're in love with the look and layout of a metal building home, or looking to build a home with ample work space, Shouse by Design is here to design a home fit for you and your needs. Shouses are great housing options for many people—welders, mechanics, construction workers, auto enthusiast, woodworkers, RV owners, and hobbyists enjoy the benefits of having a large working space at their residence.

What is the cost per square foot to build a Shouse?

Like all custom homes, the price of your Shouse varies. Location, materials, needs, wants, designs, and more all play into the total cost of your custom build. While we can't provide a specific dollar amount, a general idea is this: for building only you can expect starting prices around $110 per square foot for a basic floor plan.

Can you build a Shouse with a basement?

Are you sure you need one? Shouses can be customized to include ample storage without a basement—many people are utilizing their shed space, or including loft spaces, for just that.

Concerned about the Midwest weather causing safety issues? Have you considered a safe room for those very scenarios? A safe room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat. With open floor plans and plenty of shop space, a safe room can be designed into your plans.

What areas do you serve?

Our primary service area is Warren, Lincoln, Calloway, Montgomery, and Jefferson Counties; however, we will travel outside this area for specific projects.

Can I have you design my Shouse and build it myself?

We can absolutely design your Shouse for you and let you do the rest. We'll even take it one step further and provide a list of contractors in the area that we recommend.

What is the process to get started?

The first step in any shed home project is to set up an appointment with our lead designer. You can do so by calling us at (636) 229-9757 or filling out the contact form on this site.